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Litter prompts landowner to block Blue Lake beauty spot

Get equipment guide. First Name. Email Address. I agree to the processing of my personal data. Excursion to the Blue Lake Blue Lake - a system of three mountain lakes located at different heights. Before noon, we'll be there. Starting the track. Excursion to the Blue Lakes.

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Day 2 The next day, we get up early, have breakfast and begin our hiking. The lakes are situated at different heights, and are connected by a small mountain streams, which originates from the river Polovinka Lake got its name from the fact that in the period of melting snow, part of the ice is under water. Ask a question to the guide. To get advice about travel to Kamchatka you need to write a letter to us.

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Humboldt County coroner: Remains of child molestation suspect discovered in Blue Lake | KRCR

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  3. The Third Eagle.
  4. Ohne Fleiß kein Reis: Wie ich ein guter Deutscher wurde (German Edition)!
  5. Body of a Mother (4/27);
  6. Human remains found near Blue Lake Park, police investigating;

Call me. Thank you! We will contact you! It has a scent of rotten eggs. If you have ever smelt a bad egg you can imagine the smell here. With the presents of hydrogen sulfide it is important to not to breath in the fumes as it can make you very ill and possibly kill you. Regardless of the ambient temperature outside the lake it remains a constant This place is almost ice-cold. With a frigid environment swimming is not suggested. Hypothermia would claim you in minutes.

Special diving suits are required to keep divers safe. Even with proper diving gear the depths of this lake are hazardous. An experienced Israeli diver perished while on a dive to feet. It took more than a day with special equipment to raise his body after it was found a week later. Another diver suffered from the bends after descending to feet.

Blue Lake

He survived after spending more than a week decompressing in a pressure chamber. Interest in diving here is raised by rumors of ancient artifacts that may be preserved in the lake. A trade caravan passed by this body of water centuries prior.


Others claim that World War II vehicles and munitions were dumped in the lake. There is also the possibility of locating the underwater cave that feeds this beautiful blue lake. If found it would make it one of the largest cave systems in the world. Like a blue sapphire If you were to look at the lake it would look like a sapphire surrounded by trees.