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Back to Previous. Philip Freneau. Known as the poet of the American Revolution, Philip Freneau was influenced by both the political situation of his time and the full, active life he led.

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He attended Princeton University, where James Madison was his roommate, and planned to become a minister. However, at Princeton he became engaged in political debates with fellow students and pursued his interest in writing. Freneau was torn between his involvement in the social turmoil of his times and the more solitary life of writing.

Philip Freneau

After graduation, he wrote a series of anti-British satires. In Freneau travelled to the West Indies, where he studied navigation and wrote, largely about his surroundings. He was eventually captured by the British and spent six weeks on a prison ship. By , Freneau had published two collections of poetry. By the early s, Freneau had retired to his farm to write essays and poetry. While Freneau experimented with prose, going so far as to write a novel with Brackenridge, his aspirations towards poetry found their way into all of his writing. Much of his early writing was in tune with his British contemporaries and influenced by English poetry.

Philip Freneau () – Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature

In addition to his satirical works, Freneau became particularly fond of occasional poetry as a way to engage with the events of the American Revolution. The more he worked to appeal to the new American sensibilities, the more his artistry deteriorated. Freneau spent the later years of his life revising and republishing collections of his poetry. Some of his poems became nearly unrecognizable from their earlier editions.

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The National Gazette and Jersey Chronicle were both publications that he had founded and eventually abandoned. Thus the National Gazette was born in In other words, it was here that politics superseded his craft and the quality of his writing deteriorated.

Philip Morin Freneau

Upon returning to New Jersey from Philadelphia in , Freneau established the Jersey Chronicle which only lasted one year due to low subscription rates. He attempted to stay in the publishing industry, but he was eventually forced back to sea due to debt. Unlike his earlier travels and time spent captaining vessels, Freneau was older and not inspired by the experiences.

Freneau died in relative obscurity on December 18, at age 80 after losing his way in a blizzard which weakened his health considerably.

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Making an "American" Literature, Lecture #1 (Wheatley, Freneau, Transitions)

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